How To Focus on Your Organizing Projects

& Life Priorities While Honoring Your Partner’s Wishes

Imagine your spare bedroom right now...

Have you ever had really good intentions to start on those piles of photos, clothes or papers in the morning but your partner wants you to play Canasta cards at the seniors center? You would love to join in the fun with your husband and friends yet…oh well, you say, I’ll start my decluttering project tomorrow.

Or the next day…. Or next week…And something keeps coming up to interrupt your plans. It’s weeks later and you’ve gotten almost nothing done on your piles.

Can you relate?  

What if you could accomplish your projects AND join your husband and friends for activities? 

Your Best Life may be a conversation (and a calendar appointment) away. Read on!  

The Pain….

The question came as we drove to the ferry. My cousin, Janiva**, asked me, “How do I plan my calendar to meet both mine and my husband’s needs? Don**wants to spend all his time with me. I have friends, our sons, home organization projects and contract work that I love to do by myself. Lynn, what would you suggest?” 

I was surprised and delighted to hear that my cousin, Don, who is eleven years older and fully retired, loved his wife that much that he wanted to spend all his time with her. What an honor to be loved so dearly!

Yet, Janiva has a full life. What to do.

The Issue…

How do I plan my calendar to meet both mine and my husband’s needs in retirement?

The Ideas…

I started with a question, What would you love? (Janiva was unclear)

Schedule your priorities in your calendar and tell him your availability. (She raised her eyebrows and shook her head. No. That won’t fly.)  

Schedule Don in first then time for yourself, your projects, friends, and your sons. (Ok. tell me more)

Have a conversation with him. Be creative! Don isn’t an early riser so schedule ME time, breakfast with a friend and project time in the mornings.

Try it out and then adjust. It’s easy to move an electronic appointment on your calendar. If you use a paper calendar I suggest to use a pencil so you can change things easily. CAUTION: Maximum three times moving a calendar appointment and then Just Do It!

Janiva flashed me a big smile and chose to schedule Don in first, discuss with him and experiment with that.  

How about you?

Where in your life are you allowing others to plan your calendar, even with enjoyable activities, but you still feel resentful that your projects are left undone? Ask yourself, “What would I love?” Write down your answer and book time (in pencil) on your calendar appropriately. Then have that whole hearted conversation with your partner or friend.  

Together We Organize Program

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Host gatherings to connect with your neighbours and loved ones for everyone’s physical and mental well-being during and after the pandemic (following your country’s health protocols)


How To Focus on Your Organizing Projects