Declutter & Organize in a Holistic Way

Live joyfully in your energy-giving and peaceful space.

Lighten up the clutter and remain independent in your home longer, happy in body, mind & spirit.  Lynn’s self-care tools respect you and your special memories, holistically.

When the time is right, she builds safe, resilient transition teams to coordinate the downsize & move of clients to a supportive, Right Fit home.

Lynn’s virtual individual and group organizing sessions help clients to lighten up and transform their Space, Time & Life.

In Person and Online Options Available

Declutter & Organize Mentoring

Virtual Decluttering & Mentoring
Organize With Me O.W.M. Packages
  • 90 min. virtual declutter mentoring sessions to order your Space, Time & Life
  • Take the strategies and action plan and work at your own pace
  • Practical, holistic, non-judgmental coach approach
Decluttering & Organizing
In Your Home or Office
  • Decluttering alongside you OR for you with your direction, your choice (includes sort, purge, assign, create storage solutions & feel energized)
  • Organizing your space so you can find things quickly, enjoy the peace of mind
  • Coordinating donation, sale & disposal of items you no longer need or want
  • Connecting you with resources, trusted practitioners & contractors to assist you to be healthy, content and independent longer
  • A wholehearted, values-based approach with a trustworthy, patient, respectful & experienced coach/mentor professional

Lynn’s clients say…

“Thank you for being patient with me. You help me declutter plus balance my life priorities. And I like it that you take my items away and find them new homes.”
- D.S.
“Lynn suggested a terrific strategy for dealing with my husband during our separation. She recommended that I take everything that belonged to me out of the spare room so my husband could declutter in there and I didn’t need to watch what he put in his boxes. I’d never thought of that. It worked brilliantly!” “Here’s my advice for people who are balking at investing in a mentor to help them declutter & organize. It’s worthwhile spending the dollars on the indulgence of Lynn because she is worth every penny. And I’m worth it!”
- E.C.

Lynn Believes in Giving Back!

 She donates a percentage of her income to seniors organizations and charities who are doing good work in the world

Keep Calm and Transition with Ease


When the time is right, Lynn builds safe, resilient transition teams to coordinate the downsize & move of clients to a supportive, Right Fit home

Lynn and her team works right alongside you (and your family) during this tender transition time.  We take care of the details respectfully, efficiently & compassionately.  And without judgment.


  • More JOY & less stress – a gift that reduces the worry for your family
  • Improved ENERGY & FOCUS (uncluttered surroundings = uncluttered mind)
  • More TIME for the people you love and the things you love to do
  • Prevent falls – stay healthy, happy and independent longer

Lynn’s clients say…

“We have lived in our family home for close to 40 years. We started donating items and looking at seniors residences four years ago. We’ve even read decluttering/organizing books together..."
- Y.C.
“You do great work and I look forward to referring you to other clients.”
- Paul Blais
Paul Blais Realty Group