Live joyfully in your energy-giving and peaceful space.

Holistic Decluttering with Lynn Fraser

Live joyfully in your energy-giving and peaceful space.  Lighten up the clutter and remain independent in your home longer, happy in body, mind & spirit.  Learn & use the Top 10 Checklist, three pile plus system and practical strategies to downsize & transition safely with less stress and more ease.

Lynn’s self-care tools respect you and your special memories, holistically.


  • More joy & less stress when you can see & use what you own
  • Improved energy & focus (uncluttered surroundings = uncluttered mind)
  • More time for the people you love and the things you love to do
  • Increased self confidence & self esteem as you build momentum toward your goals

Your Value-able Toolkit with Lynn Fraser

For leadership self reflection on the job, at home and almost ANYWHERE

Celebrate your strengths.  Diffuse the stress in challenging situations.  Handle transitions more smoothly.


  • Simple ANYTIME strategies to build your creativity, leadership & communication abilities
  • Fast, Values-based tools to use to achieve your goals & overcome challenges in your personal & professional relationships while increasing productivity, mindfulness and self-esteem

Learning Objectives:

  1. To feel confident using Values-based tools to achieve more successful relationships with coworkers, family, friends & with clients.
  2. To experience quick-&-easy-anywhere, stress-busting strategies to use in challenging situations and for daily self-care. To effectively apply one or two tools to a situation in your life within the next 7 days.
  3. To feel honored and valued for your continual growth as an innovative and compassionate leader who leads his/her life with both logic and heart.

Your Pivot Point Strategy with Lynn Fraser

Create a healthy, focused, meaningful & enjoyable life… One pivot step at a time

Learn a simple, sustainable tool to help you pivot (make small incremental changes) weekly towards your important life goals.

Benefits: Quickly refocus when life pulls you off track. Consistently improve your health; strengthen relationships with friends & family; make steady progress in your career (&/or volunteer activities) and finances.

You’ll walk away with a valuable template for achieving & maintaining practical life balance. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. To facilitate participants taking away strategies and tools through experiential learning and a customized Learning Guide to apply best practices in the areas of prioritizing, mindfulness and to limit interruptions in both their personal and professional lives.
  2. To provide the environment for participants to set & achieve ‘pivot steps’ in the most important areas of their lives within the following 7 days as a result of participating in “Your Pivot Point Strategy” session.

The Brain Walk® Workshop

Remove judgments & feel peaceful and focused for your day.  Learn how to use this innovative Power coaching® with Mind-Kinetics® tool weekly to increase productivity and renewal.


  • Increase positive self-talk
  • Work smarter with greater focus
  • Connect with the values in your life
  • Improve your bilateral (whole brain) thinking ability

Half Day workshop.  Materials included.

The 10 benefits of a Power Coaching® (PCMK®) program with Lynn include:

  1. Increased effectiveness – Although training is a great tool for a team to learn and practice new skills together in a learner-centered environment, research shows 87% of every session will be forgotten in 30 days if there is no follow-up program in place. Coaching programs encourage the client to be accountable each week in making incremental yet pivotal changes toward his or her goals.
  1. Practical strategies and tools – Each coaching session is designed to deliver simple yet powerful insights into the client’s goal or issue for that day. The client can then apply his learning and accelerate his performance in his personal or professional life immediately.
  1. PCMK® uses the Full Power of the Brain vs. Willpower – It is common for most coaching models to use willpower to encourage the client to take action. The results are often impermanent.  With PCMK® the results are powerful and permanent because the methods are designed to create a physiological, biological shift in the brain.  This means faster, positive change for a client.
  1. Clients use Whole-Brain thinking – With PCMK® the client is guided to use all parts of the brain to develop solutions: This enables the client to switch between her left & right brain.  We call this “being an Einstein” because it stimulates her own genius.  This means a client will think faster and stream in solutions to challenges with much greater ease.
  1. PCMK® is safe – In coaching, a client can often express heartfelt emotions. PCMK® keeps the client’s heart safe by releasing the emotions and bringing the heart to peace by the end of the session.  The client is not left dangling emotionally.
  1. Permanent Positive Change – Because PCMK® is based on quantum physics, emotions blocking the client’s thinking are released and innovative solutions spring forward.
  1. The gift of uninterrupted time – 90 minutes of focused, uninterrupted time with a wholehearted Power Coach® to focus on learning more about oneself & to dramatically improve performance in all areas of life is a true gift for a client! How often does this happen?
  1. Action-oriented program – Each PCMK® session ends with the planning and commitment/accountability pieces. The client leaves with S.M.A.R.T goals to implement in his life and the accountability both to himself and to his coach to follow through by the next session.
  1. Resolve problems – PCMK® assists a client in peacefully resolving complex situations like harassment. The employee goes back to work with no blame.  Productivity improves within the team.
  1. Foundational Work – Creating solutions to issues and achieving goals in a client’s personal and professional life ensures greater productivity balanced with renewal. Using self-coaching tools like the Brain Walk® in between sessions allows a client to accelerate her learning.  Healthy, focused people contribute greatly to the foundation of sustainable families, communities and successful businesses.

Please contact Lynn at 780-465-9893 or if you are open to having a conversation about Lynn coaching you to create the life you desire.

Lynn has a variety of packages to fit your needs: Two Step; Three To Get Ready, Sixth Sense or Perfect 10.  Coaching packages include 90 minute face-to-face, telephone, and/or Skype sessions, plus text and e-mail support.  We customize the program to fit your needs.  It’s all about the client!


According to two clients…

Although I had (for a period of twenty years)… achieved a lot of the things I had set out to do, the personal and professional demands on my time and body/mind seemed to increase with each successive year.  It was becoming more difficult to balance the seemingly innumerable tasks that each day presented.  In working with Lynn she helped me, by asking me to really examine my personal needs & closest held desires, what was most important to me, how to schedule, to prioritize, how to make the most of the time I had during a hectic week, and to be the best version of myself both for others but most importantly for myself and my own sense of purposefulness in day to day life.  She helped me set important goals while looking at all aspects of the life I was living to draw all the constituent parts into a more understandable whole.

I am happy to say that I am not the same person I was before I met Lynn. My life is better, more focused, with less anxiety about the unpredictable future, and with a sense of realistic hope about what the future might bring, and with the knowledge that by implementing measured thoughtful changes, I can have a more positive impact on my own future. And even though the rest of the world may perceive you as successful, I think true success is when you hold that belief for yourself…

James SongLaw Partner – Bosecke Song LLP EDMONTON


“Lynn Fraser has been my coach mentor for the past nine months.  I’ve noticed the change in myself and so have our business owners and even my sister!

Lynn really cares about my well being.  She’s always nudging me to work less hours and to delegate tasks and the responsibility to others.  And then reward them when they do it well!

She’s an attentive, compassionate listener and I think that’s rubbed off on me, too.  I find myself not taking stuff personally as often.  I’ve learned to listen to my staff first and not to jump in to try to fix the problem.  Sometimes the person just needs to vent.  It’s okay.  “We are who we are.”

I would recommend Lynn’s coach mentoring services to others as long as you’re willing to be courageous and try new things.  It was great to be accountable to her each month and I’m going to miss that!

Ashley YoungIt’s A Dog’s Life and now Co-owner – Sublime Cat N Canine Ltd.
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