Holistic Decluttering

Live joyfully in your energy-giving and peaceful space...

Live joyfully in your energy-giving and peaceful space.

Lighten up the clutter and remain independent in your home longer, happy in body, mind & spirit.  When the time is right, Lynn teams up with you & your family to implement practical strategies to downsize and transition safely with less stress and more ease.  Lynn’s self-care tools respect you and your special memories, holistically.

Services include:

  • Decluttering (sort, purge, assign, containerize and enjoy your space!)
  • Coordinating donation, sale & disposal of items you no longer need or want
  • Pre-move, pre-listing preparation including transition coaching
  • Settling into your new home (unpack, organize for easy access & safety)
  • Connecting with resources & trusted practitioners & contractors to assist you to be healthy, content and independent as long as possible

A wholehearted, values-based approach with a trustworthy, patient, respectful & experienced coach/mentor professional.  Lynn walks with you during this tender time.


  • More joy & less stress when you can see & use what you own
  • Improved energy & focus (uncluttered surroundings = uncluttered mind)
  • More time for the people you love and the things you love to do
  • Prevent falls – stay healthy, happy and independent longer
  • Experience a smooth transition from your family home to a better fit suite
  • Serve your community by donating reusable items to those in need
  • Embrace change more easily using simple strategies
  • Increased self confidence & self esteem as you build momentum toward your goals
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