Organize Your Space,
Focus Your Time,
Live Your Best Life.
Declutter & Organize in a Holistic Way

“What if you could free up space in your home and in your mind? Be a better you? Let’s get organized together.”

- Lynn Fraser

Do you have good intentions to get organized but haven’t done it?

Did you expect to get your (home) projects ALL DONE and DIDN’T while sheltering at home during the pandemic?

Are you planning to declutter and stay in your home but don’t know where to start and how to fit this daunting task into your life? 

Do you feel overwhelmed that you have to move soon because a condition (health, finances, death of a partner, move closer to extended family) is forcing you to?

Are you ready to turn your intentions into goals and finally into YOUR REALITY?

What are your goals?

Be able to say, “I’m doing this!”

Organizing Coach, Lynn Fraser will guide you through your next steps.  Let’s have a conversation! 

Change can happen quickly.  The pandemic, extreme weather, financial insecurity, health issues, a diagnosis or death in your family.

Lynn hears this from clients all the time. 

“We’ve lived in our home for 30 plus years.  We are in reasonably good health. We know we need to declutter but we don’t do it! We need help.”

“It is never too soon to start cleaning and decluttering the family home. We tend to think that changes are not going to come to our lives but anything can happen overnight.”

- Downsizing client, Y. C.

What about you?  What about your dreams?  How long has it been where you’ve had this discontent in your life?  How long have you had the intention to get organized?

Like all your clutter, weeks turn into months, they pile up into years and tears, then a mountain of burden for someone else.

It’s simple to get started. If you would love to have a conversation about what working with me as your organizing coach, as your decluttering mentor would look like, I would love to support you in that.  Let’s have a conversation!

Your dreams, your goals matter. It is your life, live it the best you can.

You don’t want another year to go by where you’re stuck, let me help you.     

If you think about your time, it is your most precious resource. Why not maximize the impact you can have in that time? Six months are going to go by, a year is going to go by. Imagine where you could be with a coach, a mentor, with somebody that can really support you in achieving your dreams by design – your design together with support and accountability.


More JOY & less stress – a gift that reduces the worry for your family

Improved ENERGY & FOCUS (uncluttered surroundings = uncluttered mind)

More TIME for the people you love and the things you love to do

Prevent falls – stay healthy, happy and independent longer

Peace of mind – starting when you walk in your door


Can you seize an opportunity when it shows up?

Can you be light and adaptable?

Would you love to have peace of mind?

Are you ready to start dreaming again about what you will do now that you are organized?

I AM OPEN, to have a conversation with you about what working with me as your organizing coach, as your decluttering mentor would look like.  

What our clients say…

"Thank you for the inspiration to get decluttering! Through your classes, it became clear to me what I needed to do and that I could do this!..."
- J. W.
St Albert
“Here’s my advice for people who are balking at investing in a mentor to help them declutter & organize. It’s worthwhile spending the dollars..."
- E. C.
’I'm a retired professional. In my work life, I was neat. People would come to admire my office. At home, though, I have forty years of stuff; the garage, shed..."
- B. C.
"I heard Lynn speak at a conference and thought she would be someone I would feel comfortable working with in my home..."
- Decluttering client