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Haiku-like poems about decluttering

Universe filled with space,
but not here.
Just one more book.

Clean table.
Space for my cup
but still, my room runneth over.

Another winters day
Buried again under a mantle of white
Shovel no good in all this paper.

When you get to heaven
Let go.
You will be reunited,
But not with things.

A bare countertop
Dishes in the cupboard
When will it happen?

Friends come over.
We smile.
There is room to sit.

This brings me such joy
Such a delight this old cup
If I could find it.

Kindergarten box
Grade five when I was alive
Killing me softly now


Purge then organize
One two three four five… seven
But not everything

All poems by David E Fraser

A shopping holiday
You will need to decide which
On one, or from one.

A two car garage
But no room for this one car
Three car just as full.