What our clients say…
We have lived in our family home for close to 40 years. We started donating items and looking at seniors residences four years ago and hired a company to declutter and organize the garage for the first time then. We’ve even read decluttering/organizing books together.

My husband has four different health conditions we are managing. I am his caregiver. When I was diagnosed with two more health conditions this past spring, we decided to sell our home and to move to a seniors residence. We do have family support. Yet, we knew that we needed professional help. I was in tears every time I looked around our beloved home.

Decluttering can be very painful and exhausting at the best of times. It is much more complicated when your spouse is having memory or health issues. It is never too soon to start cleaning and decluttering the family home. We tend to think that changes are not going to come to our lives but anything can happen overnight. It takes courage to get started but with the help of a good support person it can facilitate the whole process.

Lynn, your services are very needed in this stage of our lives. I personally feel that you helped save my marriage during this process!

We also value your friendship and want to reassure you that we will recommend your services to others. Remember that you helped us realize that we need an open heart and an open mind to move on in life. For that gift we shall forever be grateful. My husband and I look forward to seeing you soon.
- Y. C.
Downsizing Clients
“I’m a retired professional. In my work life, I was neat. People would come to admire my office. At home, though, I have forty years of stuff; the garage, shed and basement are all full.

My wife died nearly ten years ago. When she died, I was paralyzed with grief. I couldn’t deal with it. If I had to move tomorrow, I’m not ready!

I didn’t know about professional organizers/decluttering mentors until I took Lynn’s decluttering course at my local seniors centre a few years ago.

I thought I could do this myself. I would start and then get overwhelmed and stop. When I had an acute health event last summer, I realized I needed help. Friends helped as much as they could and urged me to contact Lynn.

I know I need Lynn’s assistance. The chronic pain I experience prevents me from achieving my goals in between sessions.

I learn something every session I work with Lynn. I am stubborn so I don’t change my ways easily. I have to think about it, even though I know she’s right. But I’ve got to be ready and then I can change. I like how Lynn builds rewards into our program. Each session I plan my goals as well as how I’m going to celebrate my progress.

I felt so proud when I pulled my new car into the garage for the first time in a number of years. We took photos and I sent them as proof of my progress to my friends. I recommend hiring Lynn Fraser. Don’t wait until your health and relationships suffer. Lynn’s service is worth investing in.”
- B. C.
“I heard Lynn speak at a conference and thought she would be someone I would feel comfortable working with in my home. My goal is to be more efficient and deliberate about my decluttering. I plan to declutter and stay as long as I can manage. I appreciate the holistic approach, physical assistance with sorting and moving items, donation sources and especially, the accountability of a mentor to keep me on track. Lynn and I have worked together throughout the pandemic. Lynn checks in with me to make sure we are both well 24 hours ahead of our sessions. We wear masks and sanitize.

When we pick and discuss the values we are bringing to our work each time I am in awe of how they show up in the most interesting ways.

I decided to remove wallpaper in my ensuite & main bedroom and paint. Lynn recommended one of her team: a trustworthy and detail oriented painter who keeps coming back as we declutter. I’m proud to say the majority of the upstairs is now painted including the ceiling. Even though there is more to do, I believe I can achieve my goals.”
- Decluttering Client
“You do great work and I look forward to referring you to other clients.”
- Paul Blais
Paul Blais Realty Group
“Thank you for being patient with me. You help me declutter plus balance my life priorities. And I like it that you take my items away and find them new homes.”
- D. S.
“It is a busy week. I am scheduling to the best of my ability. I’ve got this! You’ve taught me well.”
- C. M.
Sturgeon County
“Lynn’s ideas and suggestions were absolutely excellent-especially the “start with one small thing (20 minutes or so) at a time!”
- Class Participant,
St Albert Public Library

Program Coordinators’
Praise for Lynn

“Lynn suggested a terrific strategy for dealing with my husband during our separation. She recommended that I take everything that belonged to me out of the spare room so my husband could declutter in there and I didn’t need to watch what he put in his boxes. I’d never thought of that. It worked brilliantly!”

Here’s my advice for people who are balking at investing in a mentor to help them declutter & organize. It’s worthwhile spending the dollars on the indulgence of Lynn because she is worth every penny. And I’m worth it!”
- E. C.
I really connected with the question, “Does it bring me joy?” Lynn, you gave me permission to let go of things that were in my cupboards taking up space. I have 10 boxes to donate! The big key for me was having Permission. That’s big! Thank you.
- D. S.
“Lynn’s ideas and suggestion were absolutely excellent-especially the “start with one small thing (20 minutes or so) at a time!”
- St Albert Public Library
“Thank you for the inspiration to get decluttering! Through your classes, it became clear to me what I needed to do and that I could do this! I started the last week of May and here it is October and I’m almost done. I am moving from my home into a two bedroom; two-bathroom condo. Lynn, I wanted you to know what an inspiration you are. Keep doing what you are doing. There are many people who need your decluttering and downsizing services.”
- J. W.
St. Albert
“I was shown ways to streamline my business in ways I never thought possible. In between sessions, I turned my life around, by shortening my days and having more time to spend doing what I want to do. I also took advice on organizing & set up my mobile store in a way that my customers have never seen before. Life is so much more stress-free now that I am organized. Thank you."
- Scott S.
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